Kindle Fire is Dominant Android Tablet For Web Browsing

Kindle Fire devices generate more mobile Web traffic than Nexus 7 devices, according to a new report from Chitika Online Advertising Network. Kindle Fires averaged 42.5% of Android tablet traffic, while the Nexus 7 held steady at 7.2%.

The report looked at millions of online ad impressions served on Android tablets over the Chitika Advertising Network from June 1st through August 31st, 2013 (during which the new Nexus 7 was released) to determine which devices were generating the most impressions. The researchers then compared the results on the Nexus 7 with Kindle Fire devices to figure out their respective Android tablet Web usage share.

The report revealed that while Web traffic usage rates for Nexus 7 tablets remained steady through the period even as a new device was released. At the same time, Kindle Fire usage share increased, possibly led by heavy discounting from Amazon during the period.

Here is more from the Chitika blog:

The increase in Kindle Fire Web usage share strengthens the device’s lead as the dominant Android tablet in terms of North American browsing activity. However, at a monthly average of 40.7%, Kindle Fire usage share is only about one percentage point higher than what was observed two months prior in June 2013.