Kindle App for Mac Now Available

After much waiting, Amazon has finally released a beta version of its Kindle App for Mac. Click here to download it.

Though it’s been a long time coming, the app is quite nice. You plug in your Amazon account and suddenly you’ve got access to all your Kindle books, just like on the iPhone App. And, of course, Amazon uses its Whispersync service to keep pages synced between your Kindle, iPhone and Mac. The app is also a nice way to have backup copies of your eBooks.

The reading screen is very clear, bright white like the iPhone app. You can use your scroll wheel or the keyboard arrow keys to turn pages. It’s a bit annoying to see the rest of the Mac desktop on the screen, but you can maximize the window and hide your dock. While many might not find this to be an ideal reading experience, if you’re the kind of reader who likes to underline and make notes in your eBooks (this blogger is), the Mac app is the fastest and easiest way to interact with your highlights and notes.

As with the iPhone app, when you click the button for the Kindle store, the Mac app sends you to safari, where you buy books from Amazon’s normal online Kindle site.

So, Mac users, go download that app.