Kindle App For Android Now Offers Major Newspapers And Magazines

Six months removed from its launch, the Amazon Kindle app for Android is getting a major upgrade just in time for the holiday season.  Android users will now be able to shop at the Kindle store and access over 100 newspaper and magazines including The New York Times, Newsweek, and The Atlantic.  Paul Lamkin of Pocket-lint reports that Kindle 2.0 will establish Amazon as a more serious player to rival the iPad in accessibility of smart phone and tablet digital content.

Amazon Kindle VP Russ Grandinetti said the company is making a push to enhance reader experience:

We want to give customers the freedom and flexibility to buy their newspapers and magazines once, and read them everywhere across the devices and platforms they chose – just like they do with Kindle books today.
The suped-up Kindle app is free and available now in the Android Market.  Many titles offer 14-day trial subscriptions or single-issue and monthly sign up packages.  Your move, Apple…