Kindle 3 Is In Stock : Top Stories Of Summer

This summer, the eReader price wars began and now they seem to be in full effect. The biggest eReader news of the summer was definitely the launch of the Kindle 3. It seems like ages since we reported the story back in July, but the eReaders only began shipping a couple of weeks ago.

Welcome to our Top Stories of Summer 2010 series. For all our readers returning from summer homes and Caribbean yacht trips, we’ve created a short list of the 15 stories you may have missed during this long busy summer for the eBook industry.

Though you probably didn’t miss this one even if you were sitting on a beach in the South Pacific all summer, we couldn’t leave this out, as it may have been the biggest story of summer.

After a summer of being sold out, the Kindle is finally listed as “In Stock” on Amazon’s website. Watch out this fall for a sea of eReaders to flood the market.