Kindle 2.6 for iPad Adds Real Page Numbers for Some but Not All eBooks

The Kindle 2.6 update for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) brings the “real page number” feature introduced the Kindle 3.1 firmware update for Amazon’s ebook reader.

Kindle 3.1 Firmware Page Number Feature Requires a Menu Button Press

The real page number feature lets you know where the text you are reading would be found in the paper version of the book. This is very useful for students, book club members, or anyone who needs to deal with references to actual paper page numbers.

Unfortunately, it looks like paper page numbers are not available for all Kindle ebooks. I found a couple in my library that do not display the page number. You can see what pages look like with and without page numbers in the screenshot here of the bottom of Kindle ebook pages from two different ebooks.

Kindle 2.6