KinderTown’s Educational App Store Expands Focus As the Userbase Double

This 6 month old app store announced today that it had seen unprecedented growth during the month of April, with more users installing the app store in the past 5 weeks than in the 5 months prior.

KinderTown is also adding more apps so can serve a larger range of ages. Techcrunch reports that “the service will bump up its supported age range from 3-6 to include children ages 7 and 8 as well. To kick off the launch, 125 new apps aimed at older children have been added to service, and more will be added every week.”

It might be best to describe KinderTown as picking up where Appitic, a similar site I posted about a few weeks back, leaves off. Appitic is a website focused on curating educational content, while KinderTown is an app store. KinderTown is itself an app for the iPad, and you can use it to buy the apps shown there. Appitic, on the other hand, has to send you to iTunes.

The KinderTown app is available in iTunes.

via TechCrunch