Kinder: A Tinder App for Kids

Luckily for us, Kinder is just a parody video of a made-for-kids app that doesn't actually exist, because children don't need social apps!

First, they came for Instagram. Then, they came for Tinder. Luckily for us, Kinder is just a parody video of a made-for-kids app that doesn’t actually exist, because children don’t need social apps to find playmates!

Here comes my old person rant. Back in the days before the Internet, social networks and smartphones — little kids went outside to find their playmates. This generally led to typical antics like hair pulling and playground chasing. It’s healthy and fun. Now, there are gadgets. Naturally, children want a piece of adulthood, so they ask for things like iPhones and laptops. If adults want to remain the cool, mature figures in the lives of small humans, we must not relinquish control of our digital devices!

Obviously I’m kidding, but please do not give your small child a phone and an app like Kuddle — a photo-sharing app for kids. Apps with strict parental controls (complete with child-like designs) don’t teach children responsibility — it simply makes them more desirous of freedom. From my vague memory of being rebellious and young: No child ever wants to have their parent looking over their back, selecting which image to share or which friends to follow. That makes them feel uncool, especially since the name of the app is Kuddle!

Most kids are smart enough to circumvent firewalls set up by adults anyways, so why not build a trusting relationship instead? Kuddle isn’t an Instagram social netwrok for children, it’s a safety patch made for parents who feel like they might lose control of their beloveds.