10 Brands That Are Widely Dominated by Generation C

Now, a new group has recently emerged: Generation C, or the connected consumers. Unlike boomers and millennials, members of Gen C are not bound by age.

Putting labels on a group of consumers is convenient. It allows brands to easily identify target markets, beautifully placing individuals inside labeled boxes. If you’re a keen observer, you’d notice that brands create the boxes first—labeling each with attributes—and allow consumers to choose the box they think/feel they belong in.

We know about the baby boomers and millennials, whose attributes are primarily age-driven. If you were born between the 1980s and the early 2000s, you’re a millennial. Your parents are baby boomers.

Now, a new group has recently emerged: Generation C, or the connected consumers.  Unlike boomers and millennials, members of Gen C are not bound by age. The label was obviously created to accommodate brands in setting trends, marketing and, ultimately, making sales.

Presenting Gen C


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Digital marketing company Propelrr defines Gen C individuals as those who “wake up and sleep with their smartphones, access and actively engage on social media platforms on a daily basis.” It’s highly probable that you’re a millennial and not part of Gen C, unlike your connected consumer granddad who’s on Facebook 24/7.

The rise of Gen C poses a new challenge for marketers and content creators. Gone are the days when people consult high-brow fashion magazines for trends. Influencers on social media, most of whom are unsigned endorsers, are now the captains of the consumerism ship. A high-school student in Japan with 1 million followers on Instagram has greater power in endorsing a product than a professional model on glossy magazines.

Your marketing recipe: content marketing


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Marketing strategies have evolved with technology. For instance, consumers no longer want to be told what to do and what to buy. If you’re selling mattresses, you’d need to skip the boring details about mattress technology. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on billboard ads showing your handsome product. Instead, do content marketing. Talk about the benefits of sleeping and why getting adequate rest is important in getting tasks done. Offer facts and figures, and let your consumer decide. Content marketing is about “enhancing consumer behavior and reinforcing brand significance.”

Top brands for Gen C


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There are companies that nailed content branding strategy for the lucrative Gen C market. While there is no exact science on how to hit the bull’s-eye in the marketing game, it’ll help to know what others did. It may have been research, luck or both. Who knows?

Here are lessons from 10 of the top brands for Generation C that you should know.

Dove: The real beauty of marketing


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While Leonardo DiCaprio and his army of supermodel ex-girlfriends can effectively (and beautifully) wield the marketing sword, there’s nothing like an ad that millions of consumers can relate to. Who can relate to Hollywood demigods anyway? Beauty brand Dove understands the necessity to be relatable. Its three-minute Real Beauty Sketches video, which featured unknown women sharing their definition of beauty, earned 163 million views on YouTube. Gen C is a connected market in every sense of the word. Establishing a meaningful connection is your top priority.

Burberry: From stuffy to hip


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If you’re old enough to have experienced the early 1990s, you know that it was the decade when British luxury brand Burberry started offering clothing products other than its iconic raincoats. Plaids were in for years, and they have become a classic, thanks to Burberry’s ability to reinvent. Today, the used-to-be-stuffy brand is a preferred choice for Gen C—both the young and the not-so-young. The company is nailing the digital marketing game, keeping a stronghold in social media platforms. The click-to-chat function in its website is everything a Gen C shopper needs.

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