Months of Chatter Culminates in a Kardashian Wedding News Frenzy

If you were having trouble pitching your weekend story, it likely had something to do with the Kim Kardashian’s wedding. News outlets descended on Montecito, CA in full force to capture the overdone nuptials in all their glory. The Hollywood Reporter reports on the media coverage; E! had “the exclusive” (seriously, does Kardashian news ever get reined in to one news outlet), while Access Hollywood, the Today show (Kathie Lee Gifford was a guest), CNN, and CBS were among the others clamoring for whatever news a wedding affords. It looks like the media has read this article from The Onion and are doing their very best to have celebrity names rolling off of everyone’s lips.

ABC News offers four marketing lessons from Kardashian below a seven-minute video report about the event. Perhaps the best advice would be to throw your celebrity, “fairytale,” Will & Kate wannabe wedding during the dog days of August when things are a little slow and outlets are looking for news.

We all know by now that the Kardashians are publicity machines who have been generating interest in this event for months. And perhaps, that’s one more thing to keep in mind when you’re talking with clients about how and what to pitch. While it’s great to offer an exclusive or to keep parts of your news under lock and key for a big reveal, there’s obviously a lot to be said for talking up your big development incessantly beforehand.