Kim Kardashian Running for Mayor of Glendale?

Heads up, Glendale residents.

Kim Kardashian wants to be your mayor in 2017.

The reality star said on a new clip from E!’s Khloe & Lamar that she has decided to run for mayor of the Armenian suburb in five years.

The Los Angeles Times saved Kardashian the headache of finding out the requirements by speaking with a Glendale city official, who explains that the city doesn’t have traditional mayor:

City Clerk Ardashes Kassakhian clarified that a candidate must be a registered voter in Glendale, residing in the city 90 days prior to the election. He said there was no requirement on a candidate’s length of residency and said anyone seeking elected office must collect 100 endorsement signatures.

Glendale city spokesman Tom Lorenz said he was aware of Kardashian’s video and sought to clarify another point.

“No. 1, you don’t run for mayor in the city of Glendale,” Lorenz said. “It is not an elected position in the city. The elected positions are five City Council people, a city clerk and treasurer.”

The city does have a sitting mayor, Lorenz added, but like many cities, the mayorship rotates based on the majority vote of the council. The mayorship changes in odd years every April, so based on her self-imposed timeline, Kardashian’s best chance may arrive in 2017.

“Does the position give you any more power or authority?” Lorenz said of the mayorship. “The answer is no.”

Oh, Kim …