Kim Kardashian is Queen of The Tabloids

A lot happened in 2014. Americans unnecessarily worried about Ebola because everything has to be about us. Apple released an iPhone the size of a Trapper Keeper. The Israel-Gaza conflict heated up once again. Yet no matter what was happening, Kim Kardashian was probably on the cover of a tabloid.

Vanity Fair surveyed 312 covers from Us Weekly, Life & Style, Ok!, Star, InTouch, and People, and found that Kardashian appeared 34 times, the most of any individual. The runner-up was a tie between Kate Middleton and Jennifer Aniston, with 23 covers each.

It wasn’t just Kim who got all the attention from the tabloids. In fact, a member of the Kardashian clan was featured on the cover of a tabloid 54 times in 2014. It’s a good thing tabloids are completely detached from reality. Right?