Kim Kardashian Is Paid To Tweet

There has been much confusion in regards to reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her “paid tweets” since PRNewser reported on December 21st that she receives up to $10,000 to put advertisements into her Twitter stream, which goes out to 2.7 million followers. The $10,000 sum, first reported by Advertising Age‘s Michael Learmonth, is believed to be the largest pay-per-tweet contract.

In a story published today headlined, “Kim: I’m not getting paid to tweet,” The New York Post reports, “contrary to reports last week, she [Kardashian] doesn’t get paid to tweet for products.”

Kardashian herself wrote on her blog:

I want to clear this up because there has been a lot of talk about this. Carl’s Jr did not pay me to tweet about their salads. Yes, obviously I was paid to be in the commercial… we all have to work! But I was not paid to tweet or talk about the salads on my blog, Facebook account, MySpace account or any other online outlets. Am I not allowed to talk about something I like without people assuming I must have been paid to do it? I want my fans to know what products, gadgets, foods, clothes and beauty products I like and I love sharing all that with my fans.

Ok, so in this case Kardashian just happened to “love” a product that she is being paid to endorse. Carl’s Jr. told PRNewser today Kardashian was not paid directly to tweet about the campaign. A company spokesperson said Kardashian was “paid to appear in television commercials for Carl’s Jr. salads. Anything outside of that she did because she really enjoys the salads.”

Kardashian has been paid by other companies via, the “in-stream advertising” company for which she is a “publisher.” co-founder Derek Rey told PRNewser today, “we’ve paid her for involvement in advertising campaigns.” He sent us a link to the first tweet in this post as an example, since all of’s campaigns contain disclosure.

The question is, if she was not paid by Carl’s Jr. for tweeting about the campaign, why did she do it? Because she loves the product, as the company spokesperson suggested? Kardashian’s publicist Jonathan Cheban did not immediately return requests for comment.