Media Rushes to Keep Up With Latest Kim Kardashian Nude Spread

In terms of answered SEO prayers, it doesn’t get much better at the midpoint of the first work week of September for scrambling U.S. webmasters than “Kim Kardashian” + “Naked.”

The deliverer of this gift from the traffic gods is British GQ. Their 2014 Woman of the Year does a very good Beyonce impression, both on the cover and inside. Complex raves that the pictures snapped by Tom Munro “may be the sexiest we’ve ever seen.” E! Online suggests “post-baby Kim has still got it.” US Weekly declares “she’s a whole lotta woman.” And HollywoodLife leads with “no need for phone hacking.”

In stark contrast to the adoring U.S. media coverage, initial comments on the British side of the GQ reader pond echo the sentiments that were being writ here circa Season One of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. A sampling:

Luke Hinds: Get Married + Have A Kid = Woman of the Year. Who else do we have? Tony Blair – Philanthropist of the Year Award. GQ, I will get your coat and call a cab for you.

Leah Janene Maguire: This is absolutely ridiculous. She has done nothing to rise to fame other than make a sex tape. I think it is awful that anyone would idolize her as she has zero talents and she looks like she is wearing bubble wrap in this picture.

P.S. The top, right-hand question on KK’s British GQ cover asks a question that hubby Kanye West has already answered ad-leatheraum. As in: “Yes! Yes! Yes!!!”

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