Kim Dotcom’s MEGA: Craziest Product Launch Ever?

We know that none of our loyal readers have ever used the Internet to download copyrighted content that they didn’t pay for. Still, you really have to watch this frankly insane product launch event staged by Kim Dotcom: international fugitive, founder of the now-defunct MegaUpload and defender of file sharers and illegal downloaders everywhere. He just started a new company called MEGA that is strikingly similar to his older, more notorious one in both name and function.

Anyway, skip ahead 45 seconds or so to see the beginning of the “mock FBI raid”:

Dude obviously sees himself as some kind of legal martyr/populist hero saving all of us from “The Man”. In his case, that would be the FBI (whose case against him is embarrassingly weak).

The rest of the event featured dancers, techno music, high-minded lectures, and a general sense of self-righteousness. Here’s the whole thing if you’re interested; we didn’t really want to give Dotcom too much of the attention he so obviously craves.

So how is the new service different from the old? Well, Mega’s decryption codes belong to users rather than site administrators, so no one on the Mega side can see what’s being shared. See no evil? Crafty. We can’t imagine this new site changing Dotcom’s reputation as a cyber-villain/porn hoarder, but it did attract so many new users on its first day of operation that the server could barely handle the workload.

At any rate, we’d love to hear of anyone planning a launch party as weird and crazy as this one.