THR Lands Skype Interview with an Increasingly Defiant Kim Dotcom

Last month, Kim Dotcom joined Twitter.

Now, with his New Zealand extradition hearing having been postponed from August until March of 2013, he’s taking a full media swing at his Hollywood accusers. Here’s part of what the defendant had to say tonight via Skype to Hollywood Reporter senior writer Daniel Miller, who recently profiled the Megaupload founder for a THR print issue cover story:

“My home was raided by 72 heavily armed police arriving in helicopters. This was an Osama bin Laden-style operation on an alleged copyright infringer. I guess it’s pure luck that my family wasn’t terminated by a Predator drone…”

“The Internet is uniting behind me. Everyone can see what’s going on. Hollywood is in control of politics and has imported their action-filled movie scripts into the real world.”

Looks like the makers of upcoming documentary Mega Conspiracy just scored themselves more boffo B-roll. Dotcom gave his first post-arrest TV interview in March to New Zealand’s Campbell Live and spoke via email at the beginning of last week with an Auckland based New York Times reporter. Read the complete THR article here

[Image courtesy: @KimDotcom]