Kim Davis Fails to Halt Gay Marriage in Kentucky (Again)

Oops, she did it again...

Back in September, a frumpy county clerk named Kim Davis made global news when she took it upon herself to go against the ruling of that insignificant body of legal folk, the U.S. Supreme Court, and forbid two men from getting a legal court certificate signifying a state seal of approval on their marriage.

Following a brief stint in jail to help assuage her moral compass, along with the 15 minutes of fame political candidates and “The Eye of the Tiger” provided her, Davis is back at work hell-bent on compromising her principles despite the law of the land.

Late last week, she was at it again. CNN reported Davis’ legal team have asked “a federal appeals court to reverse rulings they say trampled her religious rights.”

Among other claims, the appeal says that Davis’ decision to deny marriage licenses did not pose a “substantial burden” to couples because they could have gotten licenses elsewhere in Kentucky. Her legal team also states the court didn’t properly gauge whether or not having Davis issue such licenses might cause her “irreparable harm.”

kim davis beatsWelp, she lost.

Essentially, her argument was the judge’s decision “should only apply to the four couples who sued for the right to attain licenses and not all couples seeking licenses.” Shame on those couples — wanting to be married like anyone else.

#PRFail for Davis, but much like a Kardashian at a buffet table during the NBA tip-off celebration, Davis will be back for seconds. And thirds.

And she’ll fail then too. It’s the circle of (bigoted) life.


[FEATURED PHOTO: AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley]