Killing Time In New York

time_poy_you_fbny.jpgIf you’re into this sort of thing, some fascinating meta-media notes on Joe Hagan‘s piece on Time magazine in this week’s New York mag:

  • Editor Richard Stengel tells Hagan he wants Time to be a bit more like the Economist. Time Inc. editor-in-chief John Huey does not: “Well, that’s not the magazine we’re making. To say that we’re going down that road is not where we’re going.” Stengel later amends his description.
  • Stengel calls new Time columnist Joel Stein “a god to people in their twenties and thirties.”
  • Huey on his Time legacy: “Ex-CEOs don’t mean spit. And neither do ex-editors-in-chief.”
  • Stengel on Time vs. the New York Times: “The New York Times talks to people who already agree with all the things in the New York Times. I would argue that the bar for us is higher because we have a diverse audience. We’re not preaching to the converted.”
  • Stengel on being mocked for Time‘s Person of the Year choice, “You,” on the Daily Show. “I loved seeing myself on the Daily Show.”
  • Huey first offered Stengel’s job to Daniel Okrent, the first public editor of the New York Times. Okrent turned down the offer for a one-year tenure during which they would seek a permanent replacement for Jim Kelly. Former Vanity Fair and New Yorker editor Tina Brown volunteered herself for the job.

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