Kill Obama Group Finally Killed by Facebook

BarackObama.jpgAt the beginning of October, WebNewser mentioned a Huffington Post report on a Facebook poll posted by a teen-ager asking if President Barack Obama should be killed, and the report also cited the existence of groups on the social-networking site including “How Many People Wanna Kill Obama!,” with the mission statement, “If you hate obama and u want him assainated join!”

Time apparently doesn’t heal all wounds when it comes to presidential politics, as CNET reported that a Facebook group called Kill Obama was active until Monday night, when the social-networking site removed the group following communication with CNET.

According to CNET, the group was created in Alberta, Canada, and had 122 members and five administrators, and it had been active since November, blatantly stating the goal: “We are going to kill Obama. Ten of us will surround the capital, armed with sniper rifles. Mr. Hope And Change just made his last speech.”

Facebook manager of public-policy communications Andrew Noyes said in an email to CNET:

The group in question, which was created by an individual user, was brought to our attention on Monday and was removed promptly. As for the broader issue of controversial content that may appear on Facebook, I wonder how a phone company would answer a question about preventing threatening phone calls or how the postal service would respond about preventing threatening letters? And Web mail providers about threatening e-mails?

Just as none of those communications platforms can guarantee that their tools won’t be misused, neither can we. However, different from those platforms, Facebook is committed to enhancing our already-robust reporting and review infrastructure and reducing our response times in removing content that violates our policies. When we find egregious violations, we’ll kick people off for good and prevent them from committing further offenses. Again, this is something that the other communication platforms can’t do nearly as effectively as we can or at all.