Kik Mocks Facebook’s Copying Spree With Its Own ‘Storyz’ Spoof

An April Fools' joke that packs a punch

Kik's fake blog post makes fun of Facebook's habit of copying competitors.

While Canadians are usually known for being nice, Kik is having a bit of fun at Facebook’s expense this April Fools’ Day.

The wildly popular Waterloo, Ontario-based messaging app published a fake blog post today outlining plans to launch Storyz, a feature that lets users share photos and videos with each other. The messages, which are distributed through Kik’s Storyzzz bot, disappear after 23 hours and 57 minutes—Much like Facebook Messenger’s newly released Messenger Day.

“Today, we’re rolling out our most exciting feature of 2017: Storyz,” according to the post. “Our users love expressing themselves, and they also crave new ways to be more and more authentic. This new feature lets them do both, and is backed by the power of chat!”

The spoof is a play on Facebook’s recently relentless spree of replicating everything that Snapchat comes up with. Since adding Snapchat-like Stories (get it?) to Instagram six months ago, Facebook has continually copied other features like geo-stickers and filters for selfies. (Facebook has released features similar to other social networks in the past including Twitter and Periscope.)

Just as Facebook has been open about its efforts to stifle Snapchat’s growth by mimicking everything it does, Snapchat parent company Snap Inc. has been open about the threat it poses to growth. (In its Form S-1 prior to its initial public offering this month, Snap mentioned Instagram specifically as one competitor that could pose a threat.)