Kik brings built-in browser to mobile messaging platform


Kik Interactive has announced a new update to its Kik messaging app on mobile, bringing a built-in web browser to the platform. This browser joins the app’s current availability of HTML5-based “Cards,”, allowing users to share even more content with their friends from any website. Kik has also released a toolset to help developers optimize their own websites for the mobile web.

Using the Kik Browser, Kik users can search for a keyword like “games,” and will be shown a list of games that will work in the Kik platform, but will also be able to play games from around the internet. These links can be embedded within Kik conversations so friends can open them as well, and if they find content that isn’t optimized for Kik, they’re given the option to open the link in their device’s standard browser.

Kik Interactive is encouraging developers to optimize their websites for the app’s browser using its open-source HTML5 toolset, which is three years in the making.

“The launch of the Kik Browser marks a huge milestone for Kik, and really proves our commitment to developers and the mobile Web,” said Kik CEO Ted Livingston. “This is why we’ve built our device, social and distribution APIs and are making them available to any developer, to make it as easy as possible for them to optimize their web pages for mobile.”

Kik has tripled its user base in the last year, and now has over 100 million users. Using the Kik Cards system, users can share web experiences with others without leaving the app. Since launch, users have added over 145 million Kik Cards, with one game, Costume Party, reaching over 1 million users within the first 22 hours of release.

Kik is available to download for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can follow the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.