Kiip Self-Serve launches for reward-focused, increased engagement

Image via Kiip

Mobile rewards network Kiip has announced the launch of its Self-Serve platform, allowing any company to increase its user acquisition and engagement by offering users rewards across Kiip’s network of 1,500 games and apps.

The Self-Serve platform has been in beta for five months, with over 50 brands including Hulu, Lyft and running over 100 campaigns. These campaigns see brands choosing which rewards they’d like to give away, and what tasks the user needs to complete before unlocking said rewards.

The platform allows brands to give away free cab rides, exclusive discount codes, subscription trials and even free digital goods, among other prizes. During the beta, the platform saw engagement rates of 5-7 percent, and average email open rates of 30 percent.

Self-Serve allows brands to track their campaigns using real-time analytics, and supports Twitter sharing, so users unlock a reward and then share that information to Twitter, alerting their followers to the deals.

Kiip made its debut in 2011, and now boasts a network of 60 million users. Starting with games, the platform has expanded to non-game apps and has introduced limited time reward tournaments called Swarms.