Journo Perks

Everyone knows that journalism is typically not a profession in which the big bucks roll in. So today we begin a new formal feature focusing on the perks or freebies journalists receive. If you’d like to send us news or pictures of your perks, we’d love that. And yes, your anonymity for a feature like this is guaranteed. We’re looking for truth, not trouble. Some believe the practice is grotesque — how can you accept “gifts” from sources? Doesn’t it cloud your writing? Others say, why would you be stupid not to, especially in the context of needing to try or experience certain things to write a story? Just disclose and you’re just fine.

But are you? While the ethics continue to be murky, we’ll let the items and details surrounding them speak for themselves.

We begin with a recent care package we received from BrandLink Communications on behalf of Kiehl’s. The goody bag contained Cross-Terrain All-in-One Refueling Wash which doubles as delectable shampoo and body wash. Smells clean, fresh and linen-y without being overpowering. Both men and women could get away with using it. Other items: miniature rich, nourishing original body cream, Eucalyptus Lip Relief (FBDC’s Eddie Scarry refused it after sniffing it. He said it smells like Campho Phenique), Cross-Terrain UV Skin Protector (SPF 50) — looks like creme brulee and smells so ultra-fresh and beachy it could pass for an ingenious perfume, Ultra Facial Cream (delicious whipped butter consistency), Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (also smells like Campho Phenique), Midnight Recovery Concentrate (which promises a better complexion by morning) and the exciting Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer.

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