Kidzui Launches a Kid-Friendly Social Networking Feature and a Homework Helper

Remember the kid-friendly website that we featured not so long ago called Kidzui? Well, the site has just introduced some social networking-related features plus a Homework Helper service as well. This new features come hot in the heels of the first-ever WiredTrust Best Practice seal for a children’s site.

Among the social networking features introduced by Kidzui include:

  • live mini-feed that allows kids to connect and stay in touch with their friends online
  • create their own online avatar called Zui which can be customized by changing its skin color, hair color and style, eye color and shape, clothing and accessories
  • profile page where kids can see their events, tags and visitors, change status and mood
  • mini-feed which shows who have become friends of whom, who has tagged interesting videos, photos and websites
  • see what pieces of content are most popular in the entire Kidzui network
  • member channels where kid members can edit content, select videos, photos and websites
  • Kidzui election page where kids can communicate with Presidential Candidates Obama and McCain and VP candidates Palin and Biden

In addition to the social networking features rolled out by Kidzui, the site has also launched a Homework Helper service. This is a teacher-designed system which gives Kidzui members access to web pages, pictures and videos matched by subject to every grade levels. With the Homework Helper Kidzui members can choose which subject category they want to study, whether Native American History, solar system, fractions and homophones. Kids would then have access to online tutorials on those topics.

With all these two new enhancements and other features which Kidzui will introduce later on, it is now wonder that the site was awarded WiredTrust Best Practice Seal for a children’s site. This award is given to the most responsible and professional organizations which are committed to the safety and risk management of kids online.