KidZui Browser Partners With Comcast

NEW YORK KidZui — which offers an Internet browsing platform that promises a safe Web-surfing experience for kids — has struck a promotion and distribution pact with Comcast.

As part of the arrangement, KidZui is being featured prominently on In addition, Comcast subscribers are now able to download a custom version of the service for free. San Diego-based KidZui built its product specifically for parents who are concerned about allowing their children free reign on the Internet, despite the growing number of digital entertainment options for kids under 12 and their resulting increased usage of the medium.

The company claims to have built a Web browsing tool that essentially provides kids access only to a custom, junior-version of the Internet, one that has been pre-screened by a KidZui board of parents and educators. According to CEO Cliff Boro, KidZui has amassed over 2 million parent and teacher-approved games, sites and videos.

Boro said that typically, most kids who use the Internet are restricted to a certain set of sites (often the sites are tied to kids-orientated TV networks like Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network). And while many expect the pre-screened KidZui model to be even more restrictive, “it actually opens the Internet up to kids, and they can search through thousands of kid-friendly sites without worry,” Boro said.

KidZui is initially free, but the company makes its money on a richer, more complex subscription offering, along with some limited advertising opportunities. The key at the moment is growth, which is why deals like the Comcast partnership are crucial.

“We are still really small, so this is great exposure for our product,” said Boro. “It’s one of the biggest portals out there. And for Comcast, this helps them with their goal of being a family-friendly company with something unique to offer their users.”

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