Kids These Days

After Judy Woodruff left CNN last year, she returned to PBS to helm a year-long project examining young people’s attitudes about the media, politics and other issues. Woodruff and her team have been traveling the country in an RV talking to 16-25 year olds for the multimedia project called Generation Next. Reports will air during The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer beginning this fall, but those anxious for a sneak peek can check out the Generation Next blog, which launched on USA Today in early July. So far, the Gen Next bloggers have:

— Defended scantily clad interns after an article in the Washington Times called the belly shirt wearing girls of summer “skinterns.”

— Criticized a study which found Daily Show viewers are more cynical about politicians and the media.

— And slammed the lead in L.A. Times article, which the bloggers clearly thought was anything but awesome, dude.

The project also churned out a report on what Generation Next thinks of the media. They found some were frustrated that “instead of gas prices, the war in Iraq and bird flu, people focus on Paris Hilton, breast implants and other such ‘stupid-ass’ news.” Others argued that just because Gen Next gets their news from cell phones and blogs doesn’t mean they’re not interested in what’s going on. One Gen Nexter argued that no one in the mainstream media caters to his generation and that the cable networks think they can attract younger viewers by playing rap music at the beginning of their shows. Note to Dan Abrams making MSNBC “edgier” does not include adding Lil Jon or Yung Joc. Of course, this tip is brought to you by someone whose many news sources includes South Park.