Kids Safely Share and Create Music In ToonsTunes' Virtual World

ToonsTunes is a virtual world that allows young kids to create and share their music online. Developed by Connected Studios, ToonsTunes hopes to encourage children to pursue their musical endeavours by creating an accessible and entertaining environment where they’re free to chat with their friends, play mini games, and even create and perform music with others. Boasting a simple, responsive and easy to use interface, along with helpful in-game tutorials and a beautiful art style, ToonsTunes is a fun and entertaining way for parents to introduce their kids to the wonderful world of music.

In ToonsTunes you roam a virtual space station in the form of a cartoon alien. After choosing an inital body and guitar color you are free to wander around and try out the plethora of games, stages and shops within the station. The controls are simple, and there are a wide range of activities you can perform. Despite an initially simplistic character creation system, the game offers a variety of different ways to customize your avatar including the ability to earn “koynz” to buy new hats, guitars and even pets to play with.

As you begin to explore the space station and discover new areas for the first time, you are often greeted with an option to view a video tutorial explaining the different ways you can interact with a particular environment. I found this incredibly useful, as there is a fair bit of depth to the world, and things can seem a little overwhelming at first. It’s always nice when the designers go the extra mile to ensure that their users fully understand and ultimately enjoy their experience.

The cartoon world created by Connected Studios is fun, dynamic and serves as an engaging backdrop to the functionality of the system they’ve created. The attention to detail in many areas is fantastic. After entering an area I found myself stopping to absorb everything I could. It’s clear that a lot of work went into making each environment, and it certainly adds a degree of polish to the overall experience.

You earn koynz (credits) in ToonsTunes by sharing music with others. Koynz allow you to buy new items such as guitars, clothes and other accessories. This is a great way to encourage your kids to share music, leading to new discoveries and the creation of new music.

The bread and butter of ToonsTunes is the ability to create and even perform your own music in-game. Using a simple and easy to use sampler / mixer, you can easily throw together a tune from thousands of pre-recorded tracks sorted by key, genre and tempo. You can then share these songs with other players, or even perfom tracks along with other players at the various venues throughout the game.

As you can probably tell, although ToonsTunes is aimed at kids, I’m not ashamed to tell you that I really enjoyed exploring the world, mixing tracks and performing myself. Connected Studios has done a fantastic job creating something that is simultaneously fun, social and educational, while also making music composition accessible to a younger audience. This company is one to watch.

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