Kids Don’t Understand Old Computers in Fine Bros. Viral Video

'It looks very hipster'

Do you remember your first computer? Those clunky, dust bunny-attracting devices used to be the coolest device you could put your grubby little fingers on, but now they just seem to frustrate today's kids.

Fine Brothers Entertainment introduced some children to a 1970's era Apple computer, which also doubled up as a campaign for AMC’s new series Halt and Catch Fire. The participants struggled with turning the computer on—remember you had to poke the monitor, flip switch at the back and then tap on the reboot button to get the noises flowing—but simply couldn't wrap their heads around the device failing to understand requests for games, the Internet and Google and returning a syntax error instead. 

"This computer is an error," grunted one frustrated boy.

Coming in second place was Smosh's Real Watch Dog Hacks with Rob Dydrek, a branded content for Ubisoft's newest video game Watch Dogs. The comedy duo teamed up with the MTV host to run away from fictional bad guys trying to steal a futuristic mobile phone that lets the user hack the world around them.

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