Kids Book Apps Need Curating

Kids book apps lack curating, according to Rick Richter, CEO of Rukus Media, in a panel at Digital Book World today called, “A New Kind of Publisher for a New Kind of Product: Emerging Models for Children’s Book Publishing.”

Richter said that there are about 30,000 kids apps in Apple’s App Store and about 27,000 horrible kids apps. “There are a lot of kids books out there, but in the print world there are retailers and book clubs that curate the space,” he said. “Without naming names, we do not have that curator in the app world. We need that curator that cares about apps for kids, that cares about quality for kids. That is our biggest challenge in the app space.”

Michel Kripalani, CEO at Oceanhouse Media, agreed. And he suggested that there is an opportunity for curators to make money doing this. He pointed out that affiliates can make a percentage of sales off of apps, which can add up.