Kidrobot Moves Headquarters from New York to Boulder

The collectible toy and design company Kidrobot is preparing to say goodbye to their big city confines soon, at least in part, as it’s been announced that company founder Paul Budnitz has decided to move half of the organization to Boulder, Colorado, making the college town and Denver suburb its new headquarters (just like Threadless‘ parent company skinnyCorp did a while back). They still plan on maintaining an office in New York, but half the Kidrobot crew will make the journey west, to start anew at the base of the Rockies. Here’s a bit from Budnitz about the decision:

“About a year and a half ago, I moved to Montana. I felt New York City was a wonderful place, but creatively, it seemed I was doing my best work when I was away from the noise,” he said.

…Once in Boulder, the hope is to hire about 20 to 25 additional people locally, he said, adding that he hopes to grow the company as large as possible with “the caveat being we don’t give up the vision of what we are.”