Kid President Partners With ConAgra To Fight Child Hunger

Children who depend on school meals suffer when school is out.

Kid President (born Robbie Novak) is using his summer vacation to help other kids who are battling hunger during what should be the most carefree time of year.

Partnering with ConAgra, he’s hosting “Tell-A-Thon”s all summer, where people young and old can talk about their efforts to combat hunger in their communities and other topics meant to raise awareness about this issue. The first was held yesterday and you can watch it here. (It’s actually pretty fun for such a sad topic.) This is the second year that Kid President and ConAgra have partnered on this issue.

According to Mashable, 22 million children rely on school lunches during the school year. And 80 percent of them run the risk of missing meals when the summer rolls around.

“The ConAgra Foods Foundation has worked with U.S. hunger relief charity Feeding America on its Hunger Free Summer Program for the past six years, and will donate $700,000 worth of grants to participating food banks throughout the country this year,” Mashable continues. The company has a tab, Child Hunger Ends Here, on its website to promote its efforts. There’s a hashtag, #HungerFreeSummer that the public can use to share their personal videos.

In addition to these efforts, ConAgra should be sure to get Kid President out there as much as possible, making morning show appearances, booking time at events, and in other ways that he can get in front of audiences to spread the word. He’s a ball of energy and personality that will work well interacting with a live audience (or the hosts of the Today show).