At the Opposite End of Spike Lee, Zach Braff and Veronica Mars

We’ve been keeping an eye on a different breed of Kickstarter movie campaign. Of a kind that resides well beyond headlines about celebrity projects like Spike Lee’s just-funded “new joint.”

We still can’t decide if we think New York City Cowboys (with James Brolin attached) deserves our admiration for aiming high or our admonishment for picking the all-or-nothing crowdfunding option. On Kickstarter, the makers of this family film about a widow who trades her Manhattan taxi cab company for the wide open spaces of Montana set the fundraising bar at an astonishing $3.2 million. On this final day of the campaign, they’re $3.125M short. [Update: The project got a little burst of support after this item, but still fell well short. Final tally: $106,973.]

We’re not picking on New York Cowboys. We’re just curious whether they honestly expected to be able to raise two and a half more times than what Lee just did.

At press time, New York City Cowboys had roped in four $5,000 backers, one at $8,500 and another pair good for $10,000 each. Unfortunately, Kickstarter doesn’t let you keep partial monies raised, but perhaps these high-end supporters can be rounded up outside a campaign that ends tonight at midnight.

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