Kickstarter Removes ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Sequel For Copyright Infringement

Kickstarter has removed “Back to the Wild,” a proposed sequel to Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are, concerned that the project would violate copyright restrictions.

Harper Collins requested that Kickstarter remove the project. Here is what they submitted to the crowd sourcing site:

 The infringing material is a proposal to create a “sequel” to WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, entitled “Back to the Wild,” using the characters, scenes and copyrightable elements of the original work. Any such unauthorized “sequel” would clearly violate the Estate’s right to create derivative works.

Illustrators Geoffrey O. Todd and Rich Berner had already raised £694 of the £25,000 goal, which was intended to help pay for the book production. Their idea for the story was to explore what Max did next. Check it out:

Having read the original story of Where The Wild Things Are many times, we always wanted to know more about Max, the creatures and what happened next – but Mr Sendak did not want to produce a sequel (click this link and scroll down to hear his thoughts).

However, we have listened to his advice in the interview above to “take the dive”, to make our own work. We hope you join us on this journey to the creation of a new story book.