Kickstarter Project Wants to Help You Send Your Own Tiny Spacecraft to the Moon

Pocket Spacecraft’s Kickstarter aims to send legions of tiny disk-sized spacecrafts with low cost, open source technology. The pocket spacecrafts are actually smaller than CDs and thinner than paper – capable of transmitting information to your smartphone while being launched out of the atmosphere on a larger, commercial Cubesat Mothership. Depending on your investment, your personal spacecraft will be headed back to earth via the planet’s gravitational pull or  landing on the moon as short-lived, lunar explorers. They can’t just roll around forever right?

You’ll monitor progress throughout with your own Pocket Mission Control app – track the progress of your spacecraft as it is designed, built and travels through space. See data from your spacecraft’s instruments as it arrives, relayed from space by a global ground station network direct to your smartphone. Hold your phone up to the sky and use the augmented reality feature to point out exactly where your spacecraft is!

Each space disk can be “customized” – maybe with your own lunar music or just some earth words? I’m not technically savvy enough to tell my disk what to do in space, but I bet it can do some fancy, synchronized spinning in zero gravity or lunar pong with another other disk.

The realization that I should send my own spacecraft to the moon struck me as frivolous and really, really desirable. As desirable as $300? I’m still answering that question, but at least 40 backers have already answered a resolute “yes.”

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