Kickstarter Project Lets iPad Users Go Hands Free

Looking for a new iPad stand? Then you might want to check out the Hanfree iPad Accessory, a new Kickstarter project. The iPad holder positions the device in a free floating way, so that you can position it above you or below you, depending on your use. The above video explains more.

For a $1-10 donation, you’ll get a free eBook explaining the design process. A $50 pledge will buy you the stand, which is a good deal, since the stand will retail for $79.95. A $100 pledge will buy you two stands, $150 will get you three stands. And $200 equals a limited edition stand.

The project is already funded, but you can still donate money and get in on the cheap prices until May 11th at 3:43 ET. Follow this link to back the project.