Kickstarter Project Creates Inexpensive Hardware to Make Every Object Wi-Fi Enabled

Spark Core is an inventive project for hackers and makers – the device is a small Arduino-compatible, wi-fi enabled module. This means that for as little as $39 you can connect practically anything to the internet. All you need is some imagination.

The Spark Core has already met their Kickstarter minimum, but you can toss some money their way for your very own Spark Core. Additional pledges above $39 also comes with accessories and components to help you get started on your own devices (cores, shields, etc.).  

The best part about the project is the Spark Cloud, which allows users to remotely code and change their programmed hardware from anywhere:

The Spark Cloud makes your projects accessible from anywhere in the world, creates a secure environment, and allows for our simple but powerful REST API. We built the Spark Cloud to make your lives easier, and to eliminate the complexity and limitations of locally connected products. But don’t worry — the Spark Cloud is and always will be free to anyone using the Spark Core.

Here are some examples of project built with the Spark Core.