Kickstarter Project Aims to Make Smart Jewelry More Feminine and Fashionable

Ask most ordinary smartphone users and they will tell you the one thing that is plaguing Google Glass is the dork factor. Appearances, for that price, is nearly everything which is why we should take a closer look at smart jewelry through the lens of design. Pun intended.

This smart and wearable technology from Kickstarter Project, MEMI, is a step in the right direction. In fact, the concept is refreshingly feminine, without all of the undesirable pink hues or unnecessary girly frills. MEMI is not a standalone accessory. It’s a smart bracelet that sends you notifications of calls, messages, and updates to your smartphone. Clearly, we want it to do it all, but should it?

MEMI uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with your iPhone. With our MEMI app, you can customize who “breaks through” to your bracelet.  For example, your bracelet can vibrate for all calls or for select callers that are important to you – like your boss, babysitter, parents, or significant other.  In addition, you can set notifications for calendar events so your MEMI can let you know when to wrap up a meeting or when to head to the next one.  You can easily change your settings at any time.

The difference between a bracelet for women and men, is fairly obvious. Women typically do not carry phones in their pockets, making it easy to miss calls and other important notices. The MEMI makes the digital connection between the body and the device, and it’s simple. It’s not nearly as small as it should be, but it’s more discreet than nearly all other smart watches out there (because it doesn’t do much). Most importantly, it works with a device most people already have, so the target audience is large.

Naturally, adding additional features would make the bracelet larger, but more useful while running the risk of being too bulky, too ugly, and of course too dorky. The MEMI is a good accessory if you are constantly missing phone calls, but we think it could do better. Like, it should at least tell us the time.

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