Kickstarter Campaign Aiming for $50 Grand for New Sports Site

The Classical, a new sports site that will feature the work of Tom Scharpling, Eric Nusbaum, David Roth, Lang Whitaker, Pete Beatty, Bethlehem Shoals and more, could exist for a year thanks to Kickstarter.

The group is asking for $50,000 to fund the site’s operation for a year. With just over a month to go, they’ve raised a little more than half.

If the site goes live, sports fans will get daily columns, long features, “and contributions from the world: prizewinning novelists, internet celebrities, guys and girls we went to school with who are unappreciated geniuses, members of the public. There will be theme weeks in the spirit of FreeDarko’s “Dream Week,” on-the-ground reporting when we can, and essays commissioned by you, the readers.”

$50,000 doesn’t leave much in the way of decent pay for writers – that money will need to be split between setting up the site and paying the editors, Neiman Lab says. But being able to raise $50,000 from potential readers, notes Neiman’s Justin Ellis, serves as a sort of proof to advertisers that the site has an audience, which would help in lining up ads and a bigger budget for Year Two.

“No one leaves this fundraising drive with empty hands,” The Classical’s Kickstarter page says. So if you want a sticker ($1 or more) or a branded chip clip (awww yeah, $10+), or if you just like supporting sportswriters who are trying to do something new, head over and donate.