2012 Kickstarter Highlights Included Top-Funded Journalism Project Yet

Kickstarter has put together an awe-inspiring look at the people, projects and places that kept the crowd-sourcing platform humming last year to the tune of $606.76 donated per minute.

As far as journalism was concerned, 2012 highlights included Kickstarter’s “most funded” such project to date – design and architecture focused podcast 99% Invisible, produced out of San Francisco’s East Bay. The program asked for $42,000 and wound up receiving $170,477. From creator Roman Mars‘ summer update #6:

Before this campaign began, I was feeling pretty confident that we’d make the goal and the show would have a successful Season 3. I had no idea the level of support and excitement that each of you would bring to this effort and turn it into the most funded journalism Kickstarter ever. Thank you so much for being a part of it.

Sam is on his way out here; currently somewhere in Arizona, I think. We’ll be shipping out a lot of t-shirts, posters and little notebooks while gearing up for Season 3. I just received a project timeline for a website redesign. All of it is happening right now and only possible because of your donation…

Among the other journalism projects funded through Kickstarter in 2012 were a Sudan citizen journalism initiative, a Kenya training program for future foreign correspondents and another NorCal podcast (out of Oakland), Radio Ambulante.