Kicking The Habit

joe_camel.gifThe Post is going smoke-free, Christopher Hitchens be damned! A message from inside the 15th Street headquarters:

“This is to let you know that The Post plans to eliminate the smoking room that is located near the second floor cafeteria in the Northwest Building as of May 15, 2006. This change will make The Post’s District of Columbia facility entirely smoke-free, as are The Post’s production plants in Springfield and College Park. That space will then be transitioned to other uses. If you smoke, you will be required to smoke outside after the policy becomes effective. We appreciate your understanding.

“If you would like to take this opportunity to kick the habit, the Health Center will arrange for employees to participate in a Smokenders program. If you’re interested, please contact XXXXXXXX at extension XXXXX.”

Now when the DC smoking ban kicks in and Posties aren’t subject to the fumes at the Post Pub across the street, they’ll actually live in a smoke-free environment–except for Bob Woodward of course, who loves the smoke and mirrors.