Khoi Talks Shop


A nice story over at Digital Web Magazine all about the coolest of the cool, Mr. Khoi Vinh. Well, not so much about him personally, but rather, about the process he and his staff took when tackling the momentous job of designing and running the New York Times website. Even though it gets into some web-language here and there, which might lose a couple of people, it’s a terrific read and provides great insight into the inner workings over there. And, plus, hey, it’s always great to read a story about Vinh. Here’s some:

Khoi puts it best: “Design groups really need a strong, diplomatic leader who can help engender a climate for good design. There’s very little that can be done without that person, and it’s what I strive for every day in my job.” Performing that job and getting management buy-in requires building trust and respect. It’s about growing an understanding and educating the design and development teams — as well as management — so that all of the groups understand each other.