KFI and KTLK Sitting in a Tree…

radio.gifWe had a little FBLA blogger meeting last night and one of the things that came up is that we really don’t do enough items about radio in LA. So here goes:

KFI the conservative talk station with Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura share the same floor as KTLK – LA’s Air America. The studios are in Burbank across the street from Dimples and next door to where Jay Leno films his show. The two polar opposite stations are right next to each other on the forth or fifth floor. Which could be a metaphor. Can we all co-exists in harmony? Or are both political parties pretty much the same?

Does this make us want to do a rendition of “Ebony and Ivory”? Not really.

The great thing is when you come off the elevators – KFI is on the left.