Keyring Solar Charger for Your Smartphone Doubles as Flashlight

The ClicLite is a new concept keyring charger, a simple and tiny solar charger that can keep your phone running when you are out of juice. The pocket-sized mobile solar panels are modular, so you can snap multiple solar panels together for a larger surface. Additional modules, or Clicc, can decrease your charging time. One Clicc can be fully charged in 10 hours while 3 Cliccs can be fully charged in 3 hours.

If it’s particularly overcast, you can also use your laptop to get a full charge in two hours before heading outdoors, though the charm of the device is its mono-crystalline solar panel.

In addition to its charging mechanism, the ClicLite also has a tiny LED spotlight with three brightness settings. If it is attached to your keys, you can’t use it to locate your keys in the dark but I’m always looking for a tiny flashlight, so it’s handy when my phone isn’t out.


The ClicLite is only available in Germany for now, but expect it soon in other European countries and in the US in the next year.

Via Treehugger