Critic Summons Ghost of Kodak Theater’s Past

In a Sunday, December 26th blog item, John Rabe, host of the weekly KPCC-FM show “Off-Ramp”, frames reported payment problems with a Kevin Von Feldt Minneapolis December 10-12 staging of A Christmas Carol with the producer-director’s similarly rocky 2008 presentation of the classic holiday tale at the Kodak Theater.

Rabe mentions that his previous November blog item about Von Feldt’s MN Mame troubles generated a voicemail from Von Feldt, who wondered why an LA blog would be concerned with the Midwestern stages. This time around, Von Feldt comments directly in reply to Rabe, laying the Kodak Theater blame at the feet of a Hollywood film producer.

I never handled the money on the Kodak Christmas Carol. A film producer by the name of Michel Shane (Catch Me If You Can) raised $600,000 for the production then proceeded to keep $200,000. His contracts with investors required him to put ALL of the money into the production. This is the sole reason we were behind schedule, lacked advertising funds and were only able to pay roughly 50% to various vendors, carpenters and painters.

None of this seems of have hampered the Montreal-born Shane. His IMDB page lists a number of gestating movie projects, including such priceless titles as The Sex Lives of Pirates and Not Another Not Another Movie (with Chevy Chase and Burt Reynolds!).