This Week’s Fourth Line: Kevin Ryder, Brad Pitt, Sergio Garcia

The media ice has turned out to be particularly slippery this week.

On Twitter last night during Game 4 of the Kings-Sharks series, Kevin & Bean co-host Kevin Ryder posted a very unfortunate guest tweet @LAKings for which he later apologized. Brad Pitt meanwhile in the pages of the upcoming June/July issue of Esquire is doing himself no favors by once again giving the voracious celebrity news blogosphere misdirect-coverage ammo about his marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

Finally, today on ESPN Radio’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Golf Channel reporter Steve Sands called in from London to recount how shocked he and everyone else in the room was Tuesday when Sergio Garcia answered the reporter’s question with an offensive joke about Tiger Woods. Garcia has since apologized, twice.

Most everyone has always been a comedian. But now, thanks to social media and a quantum increase in media outlets, everyone virtually also has a stage. Ryder shared a bad joke; Garcia made an equally bad joke. In the case of Pitt, credit or blame – depending on how you feel about it – goes to wily writer-at-large Tom Junod. As with Junod’s recent Leonardo DiCaprio Esquire interview, this guy really knows how to get celebs to shoot the biz.