Kevin Rose’s Oink iPhone App Available: Rate Things Instead of Places

Digg founder Kevin Rose’s new company, Milk Inc., launched his latest project this week by announcing it on Google+: Hey G+, for those of you that are iPhone users, check out Oink v1.0, hope you enjoy. Oink takes the check-in concept and lets you rate specific items (say food dishes) and activities.

Full access to the app’s service requires an invitation. This has two consequences for people trying the app without an invitation.

1. You do not have Oink Builder status which lets you rate things
2. There may not be many people nearby to rate things for you to find and try

For me, this meant that there were no items rated in my area with 5 miles.

An interesting side effect of crowdsourcing is that ratings start looking odd as you let Oink show you ratings for larger areas. At the global scale, for instance, the fifth highest rated “thing” is Steve Jobs. In fact, as you can see from my screenshot, the top five things globally are Apple “things.” I suspect tens of thousands more Oink Builders need to come on board before we see truly useful ratings. You can find the app in the iTunes App Store at:


Be sure not to mistake the unrelated app for Oink.

Video courtesy of kevinrose