Ketchuppp App Wants to Help You Hang Out with Friends in Real Life

Facebook and Twitter are great ways to keep up with your friends digitally, but how do you arrange impromptu meet-ups with real friends in real life? If your friends are super active on Foursquare, you can show up and surprise them, but that’s a little creepy. That’s when apps like Ketchuppp comes in. It uses GPS tracking to unobtrusively notify friends based on your phone’s contact list (Facebook and Twitter too, if those are all people you want to randomly meet on any given day).

Ketchupp works like Near You, an app that notifies phone contacts of your possible nearness. Ketchupp has plans for charging later, so Near You is a better, ad-free version that offers great privacy features. The app never reveals your location or even your proximity unless you want to. However, Ketchupp offers similar privacy options in addition to more control of visibility: Online, Hidden, or Offline. Hidden is great if you want to see friends that are close by, but don’t want anyone to know you are available. It’s sneaky, but if you are feeling less than social, it’s good to know you have the option to meet anyone at any time.