Ketchum Provides Tips for Avoiding #BrandFAIL

Via an infographic.


Today we happened upon an infographic by Gur Tsabar and Jim Lin of Ketchum Digital — and we have to say that it’s more useful than most of the infographics we’ve seen this month.

The post that accompanies this graphic makes a solid point: brand fails on social media are now more common than celebrity relationship scandals, and no one can guarantee that they won’t happen.

But one can minimize the risk by applying a few common sense principles:

ketchum 1

ketchum 2

Tough to disagree with any of the recommendations made here:

  • Don’t open yourself up to obvious abuse
  • Be transparent at all times
  • Don’t try to jump on a cause that’s not yours to claim
  • Shut things down when a trending tragedy captures international attention
  • Admit that you’ve messed up when it happens

We would add don’t steal people’s jokes (talking to you, Pizza Hut), don’t be the latest brand to grab onto a trend for dear life (what’s up, Ragu), and research the conversation before you join in (DiGiorno).

What did we miss?