Kenshoo launches Halogen Technology to predict ROI goals, adjust Facebook ad campaigns to meet forecasts

Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Kenshoo unveiled a technology Monday that forecasts return on investment goals and automatically adjusts ad campaigns to meet those benchmarks.

Kenshoo Halogen Technology gives marketers insight and visibility into the future performance of ad campaigns. Armed with that knowledge, advertisers can find untapped market potential and make better-informed decisions about how to optimize an ad strategy.

Todd Herrold, senior director of product marketing for Kenshoo Social, explains:

Halogen Technology combined with Kenshoo’s Budget Center enables social marketers to better achieve their ROI and campaign goals through automation and intelligent, adaptive algorithms. By forecasting each campaign’s ability to meet the advertiser’s defined KPIs, the system re-allocates budget to those campaigns that are better able to meet the advertiser’s goals.  Facebook marketers will benefit from the ability to predict the bottom-line impact of budget changes on their overall social marketing program.

The Halogen solution rolls up budget planning with tools that adjust advertising tactics on the fly to keep campaigns on track and meet ROI goals. The technology incorporates the Kenshoo Portfolio Optimizer, which finds growth potential, executes planned media spend and maximizes campaign reach.

Michael Kahn, global president at marketing and technology solutions company Performics, says Kenshoo’s Halogen tools allow him to make more informed marketing decisions:

Kenshoo has given us an early Christmas gift. Halogen takes the guesswork out of planning and spending for our campaigns. The technology forecasts what we should expect to achieve with our budget and Kenshoo Budget Center actually helps control and monitor that spend toward our goals.

 David Levy, partner at WSI Digital Marketing, says the new technology practically guarantee a profit:

If I had a buck for every time a CMO asked me how much revenue and ROI I could deliver with incremental budget, I’d be rich. Now, with Halogen and the Kenshoo Budget Center, I can see several scenarios incorporating different spend levels and market dynamics to draw a clear path to results that will make my clients (and me) rich.

The new Kenshoo app minimizes the risk of human error, says Will Martin-Gill, SVP of product at Kenshoo:

Marketers have always been challenged with controlling spend, accurately forecasting potential return on that spend, and executing towards the end, predicted goal. Traditionally these complex tasks have been time intensive and rife with human error. Now, with the unique capabilities of Halogen, Kenshoo clients can increasingly focus on business management versus task management and give their CEOs and finance departments reliable information about the expected impact of changes in online marketing investment.

Read more about the Kenshoo solution that powers the Kenshoo Budget Center here. Kenshoo platforms direct more than $25 billion in annual sales revenue in more than 190 countries for clients such as Travelocity, Walgreens, Zappos, MediaVest Groups, Tesco, Starcom, Sears, John Lewis, iREP, Hitwise, KAYAK, Facebook, CareerBuilder and Expedia.

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