Another Stupidly Misguided Tweet From @KennethCole (And He Confirms He’s Doing It On Purpose)

A couple of years ago fashioner designer Kenneth Cole put his foot very much in his mouth when he jumped on a trending hashtag to promote his new range of clothing. Nothing particularly unusual about that on Twitter – people abuse hashtags all the time – except in this case, Cole thought it wise to use the #Cairo hashtag, which was being widely shared in the wake of protests amidst the revolution across Egypt. Even worse, he personally tweeted the post himself.

In the wake of a massive backlash the offending tweet was quickly removed. However, Cole clearly hasn’t learned his lesson, as he’s at it again – and this time, it’s Syria who he’s making light of in the name of fashion.

Here’s Cole’s #Cairo tweet:

And yesterday, the @KennethCole Twitter profile sent this:

Also screen-capped below in case it gets deleted:

The tweet clearly references the conflict in Syria and whether the U.S. will get troops directly involved. I mean, it’s so blatant, so non-accidental, so inexcusably crass and misguided, that Cole – or, at least, somebody who works for him – MUST be doing it on purpose, right? With intent? With a clear and present acknowledgement of the danger in pursuing this course of action? A risk evidently worth taking, because it delivers a lot of attention?

Indeed, he’s confirmed as much with this video response posted to his Instagram account. So, I guess the big question is: will this stance help him shift more overpriced clothes? I guess we’ll know come those all-important Q4 numbers. Fingers crossed.