Kenneth Cole Ignorantly Connects Egypt to New Spring Line, Twitter Erupts in Anger

In one of the most offensive marketing moves of 2011 thus far, Kenneth Cole has attempted to use the hashtag #cairo on Twitter to get people interested in buying his Spring Collection. And, as you can imagine, this did not go over well in the Twittersphere: hours after the tweet, people are still railing on the designer’s poor taste. Was the tweet actually that offensive? You be the judge.

Just this afternoon, the following tweet was sent out from the Kenneth Cole Twitter account:

Making light of a nation struggling for its independence – especially when injury and death have occurred in the process – is not a smooth marketing move. It’s not even funny, witty, or insightful. In fact, most Twitter users who saw this tweet thought it was downright horrific, and said so themselves.

The offending tweet was posted by the man himself, Kenneth Cole. His Twitter bio specifically states that any tweet signed -KC are from him.

About four hours after the initial, massively offensive, tweet, the Kenneth Cole Twitter account tweeted a link to the company’s official Facebook page, on which Kenneth Cole apologizes for the misstep.

Twitter is still erupting in anger over his insensitive tweet, with Trendistic stats showing that .23% of all tweets are related to Kenneth Cole right now – and they’re not happy.

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